Messy Faces - Quality Kids Meals - Interesting Facts about Messy Faces

Our Recipes

All our meals are made with wholefoods. No added sugars, colours, or preservatives. We make our own stock so there are no hidden additives and preservatives. We add flavour and sweetness naturally as you would do at home and use only top quality vegetables and meats.

Happy chickens are important to us!

We love chickens. We want the chicken we feed our children and yours to come from happy chickens, chickens that have seen the sunshine, played in the grass and felt the wind in their feathers. Therefore ALL of the chicken you find in our food is free range.

We also love fish

Unsustainable fishing practices are killing our oceans. We use Basa in our Fish Pie which is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. We also use dolphin friendly line caught tuna for our Tuna Mornay, as who doesn't love dolphins?!


We believe in providing the best possible world for our children to grow up into. So with that in mind all our packaging is recyclable and kept to a minimum.