Our mission is to provide busy Mum’s and Dad’s with healthy meals for their kids and the best possible customer experience.
Below are some customer feedback comments that help explain what a healthy ready to go meal, when needed most, does for a customers day.

Healthy meals with at least 2 serves of veg that are home delivered to me so I can keep them in my freezer for those nights that I need them. Mac and cheese is the favourite at the moment. We definitely will be keeping these on hand.

Healthy and Helpful - Melbourne, VIC

I never send feedback, good or bad, but I just can’t thank you enough! I am a single mother working full time, I recently found your product and read that you use actual ingredients for child friendly meals so I thought I’d try it out. Not only is the pricing very fair (I don’t know how you do it!), the quality is fantastic too!

Guilt Free and Time Saving!! - Croydon, Victoria

Thanks for the great meals, they are very handy when you can’t be bothered cooking but still need something healthy – thanks Messy Faces!

Great Meals - St Kilda, Melbourne

Love the ease of having Messy Faces ready to go in the freezer. My 10 yr old and 12 yr old boys pick what they want, pop it in the microwave and 3 mins later have a hot, healthy home cooked meal. Being fussy eaters the boys can now each choose a different meal and no complaints.

As a working Mum, Messy Faces is a god send!

I love that now when I’m exhausted or unwell, I can go to the freezer and give my beautiful boy a healthy meal he will actually eat and enjoy that has none of all that nasty stuff that so many brands do have in them, even though the packaging says otherwise. Thank you so very much for giving a very busy mother a very rare bit of extra time without any guilt xoxo sometimes the smallest things make such a big difference!

Thanks! - Croydon North, Melbourne

A healthy meal ready to go when we are eating something my kids don’t like or for nights when you don’t have the energy!!
Great delivery service and fantastic customer service!!

Great delivery service and fantastic customer service!! - Reservior, Melbourne

Messy Faces, my kids love your meals! (My 4 year old would eat the fish pie all day every day, if I let her.) Thank you for taking the stress out of busy work days, late afternoon park visits, and last-minute trips to the beach house. It’s such a treat to spend more time doing what we love, knowing that the kids will also eat a healthy and delicious meal when we get home!

Messy Faces, my kids love your meals!

Recently we went camping and I took a few of your meals away with us to try. I served up the tuna mornay to my youngest son. He took one look and said it smells nice. He tried a spoonful and it was a winner. He also liked the cottage pie.

Your meals are quick to heat up and place in front of very hungry kids. Thank you very much

Great for time away.

Just had our first order delivered and Miss 12 months scoffed the apricot chicken down in a flash! Excellent service and wonderful wholesome meals for kiddies. Thank you!!

Will be a very regular customer!